Zakład Metalowy GORZELAK II Sp.j   tel. 41 273 00 10 e-mail :

We specialize in mass production of elements and components using the newest CNC technology and machinery.

Our machine park includes numerical control: vertical, horizontal and universal machines to process elements. The efficiency and versatility of our machines, that allow the milling of elements from 4 and 5 different angles with fixing it only once, allows us to produce practically every detail with great accuracy and precision.

Our robust centre of conventional machines supplements our CNC lathes and allows us to produce individual details or prototypes.

Materials we use include:

  • Carbon steel
  • Alloy steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Brass
  • Plastic

Our capabilities include:

Universal CNC 5 axis machining

Maximum worktable dimensions: 1280x800 mm

Maximum movement:    

X 1000 mm
Y 660 mm
Z 800 mm
B 360 x 0,001°

Vertical CNC 3 axis machining

Maximum worktable dimensions :  2000x500 mm
Maximum movement :   
X 1600 mm
Y 420 mm
Z 480 mm

Conventional milling

Maximum worktable dimensions :  1800x320 mm

Conventional Boring

Maximum worktable dimensions: 1000x600 mm
Scope of bored diameters: FI 5-300 mm

Conventional drilling

Maximum worktable dimensions: 800x500 mm
Maximum drilling diameter: FI 50 mm

Our machines:

Vertical machining:

  • Doosan DNM 400
  • Doosan DNM 650
  • AXA VSC-O-1600-M

Universal machining:

  • Maho MH 1000 S 

Horizontal machining (two pallet system):

  • Maho MC 50

Doosan DNM 400 10422 23