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To supplement our complex machining services, we also offer oxy-fuel cutting. We use a STIGAL oxy-fuel cutter at our company for this. We are able to cut intricate shapes with great precision, repetition and high quality.

We have a special program that prepares your order. This allows us to obtain an optimal layout of the details and minimize residue.

Our capabilities include:

  • Maximum sheet dimension: 2x3m
  • Maximim cutting depth for black steel elements: 100mm

We offer our clients:

  • Lowest prices
  • Short wait time
  • Great precision and repetition of shape of a given detail
  • Option to work on client’s material or material from our own supply

Advantages of Oxy-fuel and plasma cutting:

  • Low cost of cutting
  • No chamfering of edges
  • Ability to cut any kind of shape
  • Smooth and clean cutting surface